A go-to digital guide to plan and create your dream garden, written by Grant James Boyle, Designer and Founder at Fig Landscapes. 

“This ebook is designed to assist anyone in creating their dream garden. People often ask about the plants and materials I use for specific projects, so I decided to share my knowledge with you. With this ebook, you will be one step closer to enjoying your dream garden.”

My name is Grant James Boyle and I’m the Creative Director at Fig Landscapes. I’ve been designing and building gardens for over fifteen years. Throughout my career, I’ve fostered my love for coastal design focusing on the use of natural materials and Australian native plants. I’m always asked what plants I use and what materials will work for certain projects which inspired me to create an ebook as a helpful guide to plan and create your dream garden. There are two options available, the East Coast edition which works for areas from Noosa to the Southern Coast of NSW and Victoria.

You're one step closer to creating your dream garden.

Welcome. If you need guidance on how to kickstart your landscaping project, you're in the right place.

I have a preference for using Australian native plants and within this ebook I've compiled a comprehensive list of plants separated into groundcovers, shrubs & grasses, trees, accent trees and shade species that will work in any garden located on the East Coast of Australia. Simply select the plants that will work across your property and utilise a pre-filled excel sheet to send directly to your local nursery.

Fire pits feature in a majority of my gardens so I've included a fire pit design that can be built by your chosen local contractor. The fire pit area is designed to scale and features a curved off-form concrete bench seat, bluestone crazy paving and a curved recycled sleeper screen. In your own garden, you can interchange the plants and materials to suit your home and style.

Gain access to our private Pinterest page where you can create a mood board for your upcoming project, filled with imagery from my latest projects.

To help you choose the appropriate materials for your dream garden, a material index is included with tips and suggestions on selecting your material palette and implementing the best finishing technique.

Receive a supplier list that includes trusted and reputable companies I work with. This list will help you easily find the plants and materials you need, no matter where you're located on the East Coast of Australia.

Gain access to valuable trade knowledge, such as effective ways to plan your dream garden, how to prepare your space before starting your project and tips for maintaining your garden so it can thrive.

Whether you plan to do the work yourself or hire a contractor, you’re one step closer to achieving your dream garden.